Wednesday, 10 May 2017

100% ready ... to get ready

As the UK Games Expo approaches I am pulling together all the various aspects of the display and demo that will be running at the Hopwood Games stand (J25). Lloyd is working away on the artwork (which looks amazing by the way), Nate is putting the finishing touches to the graphic design (which looks amazing by the way) and I am stressing about how little time there is left (which looks amaz.. wait, that doesn't work).

Aaaaand breathe.

There will be posters, nice big posters, which I haven't had printed yet but I do know who will be doing them. There will be a shiny demonstration copy of Daring Dustbunnies which I don't have made yet but I know who will be doing that too. There will be cushions on my chairs, I have the cushions all ready for your bottom, the chairs will be delivered by the lovely expo organisers. I have hand crafted (drilled holes in) my stand, which I have yet to finish and test. I will be wearing a brand new, loud and offensive shirt and bunny ears, all of which I have to buy.

Aaaaand breathe.

So I am totally 100%.
To get ready.

Aaaaaand relaxxxx.

Every year I promise I will be so far in advance of this moment that I'll be sitting back in a hammock laughing at everyone else running around like headless chickens. Every year I am so confident I will learn lessons from the previous mad-cap last minute last gasp dash. I can only assume that some robotic time travelling, spiteful being from a futuristic dystopian dimension has found a way to literally steal time from me. On the other hand it could be that I am not good at do organise self me thing?

Aaaaand think of still calm waters.

The truth is that coming up to the expo is a big deal, a massive, hulking, cement-golem of a deal and it's just a bit scary. I've been to the expo as an exhibitor a few times now, I run a different event at the NEC as well, I've sat on my stand and explained games to people thousands of times, I (allegedly) know what I'm doing... and it's still nerve-wracking. So I'm going to ask you to do something for me. When you get to the show, see if you can spot a brand new first time exhibitor, someone who is probably scared like me but multiplied by about twelve. Take about thirty minutes out of your day to listen to their demo, it may well be that their stand is tiny, that their game is a prototype, that they don't even have cushions on their chairs (the fools!), but they will be very very happy to see you. They may even be showing a rough and ready version of your next favourite game.

Aaaaaaand thank you for reading

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