Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Blog and Chips and Spam

So here I am posting my obligatory first blog post. I should make sure I mention that it is my first blog post (check). I also need to make sure I talk about all the amazing blog posts that I will regularly be putting on here (check). So keep an eye out for the next post in about three Christmases time.

Did I miss anything? Oh yes, keep the first one short because I clearly have no idea what I am doing (check).

Anything else? Well while I am here I may as well tell you about my games. Which you can see at Two award winning games and a few more besides. In fact.. maybe I could put up a post about each game over the next few days.. oooh I am immediately breaking blog rule number 3!

So that's me for now. Watch for more on my new venture Daring Dustbunnies very soon.

Short enough? I think so.

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